Steps Towards Your First Job as an MA

Are you stuck between your graduation and your first job? You can take comfort in the fact that you’re probably one of thousands of aspiring young professionals looking for their first MA job. However comfort won’t put food on your table, getting a job will. What you need to do is to get an edge over all the others who are stuck in the same spot as you is to attend a medical lab assistant training program.

You need to stand out from every other applicant to land your first job fast. Of course, if you aren’t in any hurry to get a job then you can wait for something to come up. We’re going to assume that since you’re here and reading this, you want to get your first job faster. Here’s a general list of things you should have focused on before your first job.

Get Your Credentials in Order

Look up what credentials are necessary, by the state, for you to be employed. A high school diploma is a given but you may need basic life support training as well. You can prepare a much better CV by making sure that you have all the shining credentials you need to be considered for a job.

Participate in an Externship

As a non-experienced MA, you might want to participate in an externship program. By joining a job shadowing program, you can gain insights and experience of what it is like to work as an MA. This can make a good certificate to have in your hands when you’re in front of a potential employer.


You can join a certain lab that you want to work with as an internship which can later lead to permanent employment as well.